Vision / Mission

• Providing quality education by keeping in the forefront civic responsibility and contributing to social development,
• Contributing to technological development and science by carrying out research in basic and developing areas,
• Assisting in the development of industry by conducting studies in prioritized areas for Turkey.

is to raise mechanical engineers …
• Fitted with the ability to identify engineering problems related to thermal and mechanical systems; who can develop solutions using his/her scientific and engineering knowledge, modern engineering tools, analysis and measurement methods,
• Who can design thermal or mechanical systems and/or components related to these systems considering criteria such as efficiency, affordability, compliance to standards and environmental sensitivity,
• Capable of carrying out effective teamwork in manufacturing industries and engineering with enhanced written and oral communication skills,
• Having the necessary infrastructure for professional development, who appreciates the necessity of lifelong learning, conscious about the ethical responsibilities and the universal as well as the social effects of the profession, sensitive to contemporary problems.

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